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Oak Hill and Collins
  • A mandated “Recovery Plan” was issued to the low bid contractor when work wasn’t completed on time and the contractor still missed the June 2018 completion date. 

  • Documents show serious quality issues with Insulated Concrete Form’s (ICF) walls and numerous other problems. 

  • OSHA inspection revealed multiple violations totaling $14,000 in initial fines for the general contractor and another $7,000 for its subcontractor.

  • Contractor committed 50 violations and fined $12,500 in addition for violation of the WV Jobs Act which requires a certain percentage of workers to be from the local labor market.

  • Engineers provided extensive lists of unfinished/substandard work to the contractor as much as 30 days beyond the scheduled completion date.

  • Massive punch lists weeks after completion date.

  • The Logan County school board had to scramble to reopen a mothballed school since the project was so far behind schedule. 

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  • Persinger & Associates alleges it is owed more than $600K for work on Chapmanville school
    (West Virginia Record) >>


  • BOE to host public meetings about new school building (Williamson Daily News) >>

Not 25% Savings
  • $13.2 million budget for project

  • Winning contractor Mi-Di-Con pays prevailing wage and still came in under budget

  • Taxpayers win with savings and students win with a school built on time

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  • $9.2 million project

  • Winning bidder MCS pays prevailing wage and bid $200,000 less than the next bidder (DCI Shires) and $361,000 less than Swope Construction.

  • Opponents of prevailing wage, like Swope, claim paying prevailing wage drives up construction costs by 20%, yet the prevailing wage contractor was the lowest bidder.

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Mountain Valley
  • Workers paid low wages which can reduce productivity

  • Contractor missed the original July 2019 completion date, forcing students to move in during the winter a full six months after the deadline.

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Not 25% Savings
Crum School
  • County stuck with repairs to damaged gym floors due to improper concrete pours 

  • Project bid in 2016 still isn't complete

  • County officials threaten "Contractor Default" against contractor Swope Construction for failing to complete work

  • Architect firm for the project REJECTED Swope Construction’s work on ICF walls and anchor bolts.

  • Winning bidder Swope Construction hired subcontractors from out of the area who brought in workers from Honduras and Mexico

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      Opening of Crum school pushed back again (WSAZ) >>

Not 25% Savings
Not 25% Savings
  • $3.4 million project

  • Mere $35,000 difference between winning contractor (Swope Construction) that doesn’t pay prevailing wage and second lowest bidder (MCS) that does

  • If prevailing wage drives up costs by at least 20% as Swope claims, then why is the difference in bids only 1%?

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  • A huge 21% difference between the winning and second bidder, neither pay prevailing wages. Why the difference?

  • A whopping 50% difference between the winning and third place bidder who also doesn’t pay prevailing wages!

  • No taxpayer savings when compared to estimates which assumed prevailing wages would be paid.

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Not 25% Savings
Raleigh Elementary School
  • Winning bidder pays wages equal to prevailing wage rate

  • Swope Construction, whose owner testified he could build 4 schools for the price of 3 if prevailing wage were repealed, came in third at nearly $300,000 MORE than the winning bid

  • Why was his bid so much higher?

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Not 25% Savings
Milton Middle School
  • Project architect REJECTED the exterior caulking masonry work by low bidder Radford & Radford.

  • Project architect REJECTED the masonry veneer work by low bidder Radford & Radford.

  • Project architect REJECTED the polished concrete floors for both schools requiring replacement costing roughly $800,000 according to the architect’s estimate.

  • Cost overruns and costly time delays nearly equal the difference in bids which was less than $1 million.

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Not 25% Savings
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